Idioms are so useful when it comes to expressing something in a better way, especially in the speaking section. There are some situations when you have to state something in a short period of time but it takes so much time to deliver. Then comes the role of idioms that makes your sentences look more precise and effective. Here is lesson 51 of the Useful Idioms for Better Communication Series that you can learn to improve your speaking and writing.

Daily Use Idioms #51

Here is the list of 7 Idioms in this lesson. Learn, Use, and Improve.

Note: sth means something while sb means somebody. One’s is replaced with a possessive pronoun such as your, my, his, her, etc.

1. chime in with sth

-agree with each other, or is suitable for that situation

-हालतानुसार, समयानुसार

He kept chiming in with his opinions. 

2. feet of clay

-have a flow or weakness most people are unaware of

-ऐसा अवगुण या कमज़ोरी होना

He is a colossus feet of clay.

3. coin money

-make a great deal of money easily or very quickly

-बेहिसाब पैसा कामना

 He is coin money In his new business.

4. come to grief

-fail, meet with disaster or failure

-पूर्णतया असफल होना

Several pedestrians had come to grief on the icy pavement.

5. come to pass

-happen, take place

-घटित होना

None of this may come to pass, but all efforts to prevent it so far have backfired.

6. cool one’s heels

– wait or be kept waiting; be detained or obliged to wait

-प्रतीक्षा करना

The doctor kept her cooling her heels for almost an hour.

7. keep one’s own counsel

-say little or nothing about one’s opinions or intentions

-कोई टिप्पणी न करना

Betty is notorious for keeping her own counsel; you never know what she really thinks.

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