Idioms are so useful when it comes to expressing something in a better way, especially in the speaking section. There are some situations when you have to state something in a short period of time but it takes so much time to deliver. Then comes the role of idioms that makes your sentences look more precise and effective. Here is lesson 8 of the Useful Idioms for Better Communication Series that you can learn to improve your speaking and writing.

Daily Use Idioms #8

Here is the list of 7 Idioms in this lesson. Learn, Use, and Improve.

Note: sth means something while sb means somebody. One’s is replaced with a possessive pronoun such as your, my, his, her, etc.

1. about to (do sth)

be on the point of doing sth

– कारण बताना

The tree was about to fall.

2. according to (sb or sth)

– as said or told by sb, in agreement with sth

– के अनुसार

Answer a fool according to his folly.

3. account for (sth)

– provide an explanation or answer for sth

– कारण बताना

Low pay accounts for the high turnover.

4. all of a sudden

suddenly, without advance warning

– अचानक

All of a sudden he turned about and saw me.

5. as a matter of fact


किसी के चरित्र की आलोचना करना

I don’t permit to cast aspersions on my friend.

6. as far as

– to the extent or degree of sth

– जहाँ तक

As far as I recollect, you came late.

7. as for

– with regard to, concerning

– से सम्बंधित

As for the money, don’t give it a second thought.

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