A homograph is a word of the same written form as another but of a different origin and meaning. 


The word ‘Act’ has two meanings:

1. I am going to act in a play.

2. She is in the second act of the play.

While ‘act’ is a verb in the first sentence, it’s a noun in the second one. The first means  “to take any action”  whereas the second means “a part of a play”

The following list tells you the use of homographs in a sentence showing different meanings.

Kindly tap or click on the word to learn it in details.

(A) I am going to act in a play.

(B) Shes in the second act of the play

(A) My arms and legs hurt badly.

(B) The soldiers  laid down their arms.

(A) The puppy ran around the block for a couple of minutes.

(B) The chairs will block the door.

(A) It costs ten bucks to get in.

(B) The horse will buck you off.

(A) I feel very blue today.

(B) She wore a blue dress yesterday.

(A) I put all the things in the box.

(B) The fighters will box tonight.

(A) the put a brand on the horse.

(B) What brand is your laptop?

(A) The base of the statue has broken partially.

(B) The player ran to third base.

(A) My back hurts.

(B) The dog came back home.

(A) The river overflowed its bank.

(B) I have a $2000 in the bank.

(A) The grizzly bear is dangerous.

(B) I cannot bear to be alone.

(A) The dog has loud bark.

(B) The bark peeled of the tree.

(A) My finger hurts a little bit.

(B) The tiger bit the giraffe.

(A) My wife went to a ball.

(B) The ball bounced of my head.

(A) The light is bright i n my room.

(B) Some students are very bright.

(A) They will blow up the bridge.

(B) I received a blow to the head.

(A) The shots were like loud bangs.

(B) She wears her hair in bangs.

(A) The cricket bat was broken.

(B) The bat flew out of the cave.

(A) She bowed to the audience before playing her act.

(B) The bow of the ship was badly damaged..

(A) You can bluff when playing poker.

(B) The man stood on the bluff.

(A) We have received a large bill.

(B) The duck’s bill is orange.

(C)  He wants to change for a $5 bill.

(A) I have planted a daffodil bulb in the garden.

(B) The light bulb is burned out.

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