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This is one of the important lessons in the Effective Vocabulary Series. first, try to answer the below questions before we start the lesson “How to Insult Your Enemies?”

What adjective aptly describe people who are:

  • insisits on complete and blind obedience?
  • toadies to the rich or influential?
  • dabbles in the fine arts/
  • is a loud-mouthed, quarrelsome woman?
  • has a one-track mind/
  • sneers at other people’s cherished traditons?
  • does not belive in God?
  • has imaginary elements?

Know the answer? If not, keep reading to learn the terms about “How to insult your enemies”

Insult Your Enemies

Below are 10 terms about how to insult your enemies and their respective fields. Each of the following words has been explained by an idea to make a strong appeal to your understanding. Learn, practice, and improve.

1. Martinet

  • a strict discilpinarian

slave driver

you make everyone toe the mark – right down to the centimeter.

You are a matrinet

2. Sychophant

  • a toady to people of wealth or power

a bootlicker

You toady to rich or influential people, catering to their vanity, flattering their ego.


3. Dilettante

  • a diabbler in the arts


Often, though not necessarily, a person of independent income, you engage superficially in the pursuit of one of the fine arts – painting, writing, sculpturing, etc.


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4. Virago

  • a shrewish, loud-mouthed female


You are a loud-mouthed, shrewish, turbulent woman; you’re quarrelsome and aggressive, possessing none of those gentle and tender qualities stereotypically associated with femininity.

You are a virago

5. Chauvinist

  • a blatant superpatriot


Anything you own or belong to is better – simply because you own it or belong to it, although you will be quick to find more justifiable explanations.


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