How to Talk About Liars And Lying- Effective Vocabulary Series #9

Talk About Liars And Lying - effective vocabulary series

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This is one of the important lessons in the Effective Vocabulary Series. first, try to answer the below questions before we start the lesson “Talk About Liars And Lying.”

What kind of liar are you if you:

  • developed a reputation for falsehood?
  • are particularly skillful?
  • cannot be reformed?
  • have become habituated to your vice?
  • started to lie from the moment of your birth?
  • always lie?
  • cannot distinguish fact from fancy?
  • suffer no pangs on conscience?
  • are suspiciously smooth and fluent in your living?
  • tell vicious lies?

Know the answer? If not, keep reading to learn the terms about “How to How to Talk About Liars and Lying.”

Talk About Liars And Lying

Below are 10 terms about how to How to Talk About Liars And Lying and their respective fields. Each of the following words has been explained by an idea to make a strong appeal to your understanding. Learn, practice, and improve.

1. Notorious

  • Well-known for some bad quality – a notorious philanderer

You don’t fool even some of the people.

Everybody knows your propensity for avoiding facts.

A notorious liar

2. Consummate

  • Perfect, highly skilled – consummate artistry at the keyboard

To the highest summits of artistry

Your ability is top-drawer-rarely does as anyone lie as convincingly or as artistically as you do.

A consummate liar

3. Incorrigible

  • Beyond reform – an incorrigible optimist

Beyond redemption or salvation

You are impervious to correction often as you may be caught in your Fabrications, there is no reforming you-you go right on lying despite the punishment, embarrassment, or unhappiness that your distortions of truth may bring upon you.

An incorrigible liar

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4. Invertebrate

  • Long accustomed, deeply habituated – an invertebrate smoker (this adjective,like notorious, usually has an unfavorable connotation)

Too old learn new tricks

You are a loud-mouthed, shrewish, turbulent woman; you’re quarrelsome and aggressive, possessing none of those gentle and tender qualities stereotypically associated with femininity.

An inveterate liar

5. Congenital

  • Happening at or during birth – a congenital deformity

An early start

Anything you own or belong to is better – simply because you own it or belong to it, although you will be quick to find more justifiable explanations.

A congenital liar

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