Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning followed by an example with a relevant picture. This blog post on “Health Vocabulary” aims to help ESL learners and teachers in order to help improve their English.

pain image
01. aches and pains

Meaning: minor pains that continue over a period of time

Example: I had aches and pains all over after the two-day trip.

not feeling well image
02. to be a bit off color

Meaning: to feel a little ill

Example: My brother felt a bit off color, but he is much better now.

to be at the death's door
03. to be at death's door

Meaning: (informal) to be very ill indeed

Example: Sara seemed to be at death’s door from her illness.

recover from illness
04. to be on the mend

Meaning: to be recovering after an illness

Example: My father had been ill with typhoid but he’s on the mend now.

serious illness
05. to be over the worst

Meaning: to have got through the most serious or uncomfortable stage of an illness

Example:  David is over the worst of aches and pains.

to be under the weather
06. to be under the weather

Meaning: (informal) to not feel well

Example: I hear your mother has been a bit under the weather. Is she feeling better now?

07. a blocked nose

Meaning: when the nose has excess fluid due to a cold

Example: One thing she has often is a blocked nose

08. to catch a cold

Meaning: to get a cold

Example: I think you must have caught a cold on the bus in the train.

09. a check-up

Meaning: a physical examination by a doctor

Example: You need to ask your doctor for a check-up.

chest cough
10. a chesty cough

Meaning: a cough caused by congestion around the lungs

Example: Despite the fact that he has a chesty cough, he never goes to make an appointment to see the doctor.

cuts and bruises meaning in English
11. cuts and bruises

Meaning: minor injuries

Example:  Don’t worry! she suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

feel poorly menaing
12. to feel poorly

Meaning: to feel ill

Example: I felt poorly last day, so I didn’t come to office.

healthy person
13. as fit as a fiddle

Meaning: to be very healthy

Example: What a personality he has! Hes look as fit as a fiddle.

14. to go down with a cold

Meaning: to become ill

Example: She has gone down with a cold, she can’t join in today.

to go private
15. to go private

Meaning: to choose to be treated by commercial healthcare rather than by services offered by the state

Example: Middle class people can find it difficult to go private for a check-up and treatment.

16. GP

Meaning: general practitioner (family doctor)

Example: The general practitioner diagnosed the illness of my son as pneumonia.

17. to have a filling

Meaning: to have a tooth repaired

Example: My mother has fillings in two teeth, it cost $245.

to have a tooth out
18. to have a tooth out

Meaning: to have a tooth removed

Example: I had my one tooth out, it  caused heavy pain.

19. a heavy cold

Meaning: a bad cold

Example: She is unable to join the class today, she is suffering from a heavy cold.

20. to make an appointment

Meaning: to arrange a time to see the doctor

Example: I have already made an appointment with Dr. Sharma for this evening.

a speedy recovery
21. to make a speedy recovery

Meaning: to recover quickly from an illness

Example: Green vegetables and fruits helped me make a speedy recovery.

to call in sick
22. to call in sick

Meaningto call someone at the place where you work to tell them you are too ill to work

Example: Selena called in sick and went shopping with her husband.

prescription charges
23. prescription charges

Meaning: money the patient pays for medicine authorized by a doctor

Example: Prescription charges are quite expensive at private hospitals.

pull a muscle
24. to pull a muscle

Meaning: to strain a muscle

Example:  Today He pulled a muscle trying to move the refrigerator into the apartment.

a runny nose
25. a runny nose

Meaning: a nose that has liquid coming out of it

Example: I think I’m getting a cold-I’ve got a sore throat and a runny nose.

sore throat
26. a sore throat

Meaning: inflammation that causes pain when swallowing

Meaning: The medicine did not soothe my sore throat.


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