Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning followed by an example with a relevant picture. This blog post on “Sports Vocabulary” aims to help ESL learners and teachers in order to help improve their English.

athletics meeting picture
01. an athletics meeting

Meaning: an event where various sports are held

Example: This winter, the venue staged a sell-out athletics meeting on the weekend of the second anniversary of the start the 2016 Olympics.

athletic track image
02. an athletics track

Meaning: a running track

Example: He has been running so fast on the athletics track.

03. an away game

Meaning: a football match played in the opposing teams stadium

Example: India lost three away games but won all the home games this year.

a brisk walk image
04. a brisk walk

Meaning: a fast walk

Example: It was ten minutes brisk walk to the hotel, and she was waiting on the corner as Ravi approached.

to do judo image
05. to do judo

Meaning: (not go or play)

Example:  I do judo twice a week and play cricket in the winter.

football fan image
06. a football fan

Meaning: someone who likes football

Example: My brother is a great football fans, he never misses any game.

fitness program
07. a fitness program

Meaning: a schedule of activities to keep fit

Example: inquired about a fitness progamme at Reform Gym, it was quite expensive in price.

08. a football match

Meaning: a game of football

Example: A football match is likely to be arranged between Holy Public School and Rising Star Public School.

a football pitch image
09. a football pitch

Meaning: the surface on which you play football

Example: The  ground staffs are working really hard to repair the football pitch.

a football season image
10. a football season

Meaning: a period in the year when football is played

Example: I may go to Europe to enjoy  the new football season starting in May.

to get into shape image
11. to get into shape

Meaning: to become fit

Example: Indian players have got to get into shape before the upcoming ODI series against Australia.

12. to go jogging

Meaning: to run around the streets

Example: He goes jogging every morning and works out with weights once a week.

a home game picture
13. a home game

Meaning: a football match played in the teams own stadium

Example: India will be playing a home game against WI on February 28.

keep fit meaning
14. to keep fit

Meaning: to stay in good physically condition

Example: Rahud Dravid kept himself fit all the time during his career.

not physically fit image
15. to be out of condition

Meaning: to not be physically fit

Example: Yuvraj Singh has been out of condition for several weeks due to thigh injury.

best bowling figure in t20
16. a personal best

Meaning: to achieve the best personal result so far in a sport 

Example: Ishant Shrama has achieved his personal best with the figure 18-08-57-07, his previous best was 23-10-87-05.

personal trainer images
17. a personal trainer

Meaning: a sports coach that helps you on a one-to-one basis

Example: My boss needs a personal trainer for Yoga.

18. to play tennis/football

Meaning: (not do or go)

Example: My youngest daughter is keen on playing tennis in the evenings.

19. to run the marathon

Meaning: to run a distance of 42.195 Kilometres

Example: My father and I have decided to run the marathon this year.

season ticket image
20. a season ticket

Meaning: a ticket that gives you entry to most of a team’s home games during the sporting year

Example: My friend has a season ticket for all Manchester United’s games.

21. to set a record

Meaning: to achieve the best result in a sport

Example: AB de Villiers set a record of the fastest century in ODI.

sports centre image
22. a sports centre

Meaning: a public sports where people can do various sports

ExampleA number of retired players still work at the local sports centre

23. sports facilities

Meaning: the equipment and services needed to do a sport

ExampleThe National Sports Academy offers a wide range of sports facilities.

tennis court
24. a squash/tennis/badminton court

Meaning: the surface where you play these sports

Example:  There are a few squash and tennis courts that I use often for practice.

exercise images
25. strenuous exercise

Meaning: exercise that needs a lot of physical effort

Example: Players have to go through strenuous exercise before any football match.

a strong swimmer meaning in  English
26. a strong swimmer

Meaning: a good swimmer

Meaning: Michael Phelops was known as the strongest swimmer in the 2006 Olympics.

swimmming pool menaing in ENglish
27. a swimming pool

Meaning: the place where you swim

Meaning: This hotel offers unlimited access to the swimming pool.

28. to take up exercise

Meaning: to start doing exercise

Meaning: Steve Smith took up exercise in order to get into shape before the match against England.

29. to train hard

Meaning: to train with a lot of effort

Meaning: I think Mohammad Amir did not train hard before the test series against Australia.


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