Each expression in this post has been shown with meaning followed by an example with a relevant picture. This blog post on “Personality Vocabulary” aims to help ESL learners and teachers in order to help improve their English.

life and soul of party
01. to be the life and soul of the party

Meaning: a fun person, someone who is the centre of activity

Example: You were regularly seen attending nightclubs and discos and were generally the life and soul of the party.

help hard meaning
02. to be bend over backwards

Meaning: to try very hard to help someone

Example: They have been bending over backwards to help their employees.

03. broad-minded

Meaning: prepare to accept other views or behaviors

Example: I don’t think that when people grow up, they will become more broad-minded and can accept everything.

easy going person
04. easy-going

Meaning: relaxed and not easily worried about anything

Example: He is an easy going guy, but can be passionate about things he is very much into.

05. extrovert

Meaning: an energetic person who likes the company of others

Example:  Do you think I’m an extrovert pr introvert?

fair-minded people
06. fair-minded

Meaning: to treat people equally

Example: My father is one of the most fair-minded people I know.

fun loving
07. fun-loving

Meaning: to enjoy having fun

Example: Of all the women in the survey, they rate themselves the least fun-loving and the most responsible.

to hide one's lighter under a bushel
08. to hide one's lighter under a bushel

Meaning: to hide one’s talents and skills

Example: I don’t know why he hides his lighter under a bushel.

good company image
09. good company

Meaning: enjoyable to socialize with

Example: I think the children are very good company at this age.

10. good sense of humor

Meaning: the ability to understand what is funny

Example: She’s got a good sense of humor.

11. introvert

Meaning: someone who is shy

Example: She is a little bit introvert that she doesn’t like talk too much.

laid-back person image
12. laid-back

Meaning: relaxed and easily worried about anything

Example: Many people tell that I take after my mother as I’m quite laid-back.

lose temper image
13. to lose one's temper

Meaning: to suddenly become angry

Example: Today I lost my temper and snapped irritably at the children.

narrow minded person
14. narrow minded

Meaning: opposite of broad-mindednot prepared to accept other views or behaviors

Example: He says that some people in our society are narrow minded.

very shy person
15. painfully shy

Meaning: very shy

Example: I am often  painfully shy in public, but completely different at home with my family.

to put others first
16. to put others first

Meaning: to think of others before yourself

Example: When it comes to Jacob, he always put others first.

17. quick-tempered

Meaning: to become angry quickly

Example: I never knew that Sahil is quick-tempered.

reserved person
18. reserved

Meaning: shy

Example: She was always a reserved girl.

self-assured person image
19. self-assured

Meaning: confident

Example: He did his best to appear more self-assured than he felt.

self-centered person image
20. self-centred

Meaning: think only of yourself

Example: Some giving is quite self-centered, I think.

self-confident person
21. self-confident

Meaning: believes in one’s own ability or knowledge

Example: She eventually became more self-confident as a storyteller.

self-effacing person image
22. self-effacing

Meaning: to not try to get the attention of others (especially in terms of hiding one’s skills or abilities)

Example: In spite of their success, they remain self-effacing and reserved.

to take after image
23. to take after

Meaning: to be like (often another member of the family)

ExampleI try to take after my parents who are honest and hardworking people.

thick-skinned people
24. thick-skinned

Meaning: not easily affected by criticism

Example:  You don’t become a major TV news anchor without being thick-skinned.

a trustworthy person
25. trustworthy

Meaning: can be trusted

Example: Most of employees in our team are  trustworthy, I think.

two-faced person
26. two-faced

Meaning: not honest or sincere, someone who says one thing to someone to their face and another when they are not present

Meaning: Never tell her your secrets, she is a two-faced woman.


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