The lesson covers vocabulary appropriate to the A2 level, and some Advance to basic IELTS vocabulary words, that are very important for you if you are a beginner in IELTS preparation. There are 10 words 10n the lesson “IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning – Lesson 12.” Learn, practice, and improve to get a high band score.

IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning

Here is the list of 10 words that you can learn today:

1. Disgrace 


No one can disgrace us but ourselves

2. Confederate 


The Confederate States perceive that they cannot carry all before them with a rush

3. To enquire 

to investigate

I’m writing to enquire about language courses

4. Sure 


Heaven’s vengeance is slow but sure

5. To provide

to supply

 The report was not expected to provide any answers.

6. Phantasm 


Phantasm is a virtual reality adventure game.

7. Scarcity 


Old properties in the town have acquired a scarcity value

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8. Delicate 


It is imperative that politicians should be good communicators.

9. Dull (person) 


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

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10. About 


o worry about tomorrow is to be unhappy today

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