The lesson covers vocabulary appropriate to the A2 level, and some Advance to basic IELTS vocabulary words, that are very important for you if you are a beginner in IELTS preparation. There are 10 words 10n the lesson “IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning – Lesson 26.” Learn, practice, and improve to get a high band score.

IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning

Here is the list of 10 words that you can learn today:

1. To ignore

To disregard

There was a general disposition to ignore the problem.

2. Virtue


Virtue is fairer far than beauty.

3. To cope

 To cope

Will she be able to cope with the work?

4. Appreciable


The increase in salary will be appreciable

5. Disagreeable


The service is disagreeable here.

6.  Rubbish 


That book is a load of rubbish.

7. To bear on sth

 to affect

He tried to bring pressure to bear on her

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8. Lousy


A lazy youth, a lousy age

9. To consult 

 to refer to

I have to consult the manager about the matter

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10. Cranky 


Organic farming is no longer thought of as cranky.

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