The lesson covers vocabulary appropriate to the A2 level, and some Advance to basic IELTS vocabulary words, that are very important for you if you are a beginner in IELTS preparation. There are 10 words 10n the lesson “IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning – Lesson 66.” Learn, practice, and improve to get a high band score.

IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning

Here is the list of 10 words that you can learn today:

1. Abandon


There was a general air of festivity and abandon.

2. Accord


He decided to go of his own accord.

3. Adversity


 Adversity is a good [great] schoolmaster.

4. Affluent


Cigarette smoking used to be commoner among affluent people

5. Aggravate

Depend on others

Stress and lack of sleep can aggravate the situation.

6. Alleviate


The organization works to alleviate world hunger and disease.

7. Amazing


You work with amazing speed.

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8. Anguish


 Tears of anguish filled her eyes

9. Answer


Answer a fool according to his folly.

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10. Apathetic


 I realized I was becoming increasingly depressed and apathetic.

I realised I was becoming increasingly depressed and apathetic.

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