The lesson covers vocabulary appropriate to the A2 level, and some Advance to basic IELTS vocabulary words, that are very important for you if you are a beginner in IELTS preparation. There are 10 words 10n the lesson “IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning – Lesson 96.” Learn, practice, and improve to get a high band score.

IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning

Here is the list of 10 words that you can learn today:

1.  Insular

relating to or characteristic of or situated on an island

A continental climate is different from an insular one.

2. Intrepid

invulnerable to fear or intimidation

Some intrepid individuals were still prepared to make the journey.

3. inveterate


I am sometimes accused of being an inveterate poseur.

4. Jubilant

full of high-spirited delight

Radicals were jubilant at getting rid of him.

5. Knell

the sound of a bell rung slowly to announce a death

It sounded the knell of all her hopes

6. Lithe

moving and bending with ease

His walk was lithe and graceful.

7. Lurid

glaringly vivid and graphic; marked by sensationalism

 Some reports have contained lurid accounts of deaths and mutilations.

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8. Maverick

someone who exhibits independence in thought and action

He’s always been a bit of a maverick.

9.  Meticulous

marked by precise accordance with details

Their room had been prepared with meticulous care.

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10. Modicum

a small or moderate or token amount

 There’s not even a modicum of truth in her statement.

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