When it comes to speaking or writing effectively in the English language, there is nothing better than using advanced vocabulary. Phrasal Verbs are also one of the main lexical resources. Here are some phrasal verbs related to relationship:

Learn these phrasal verbs to use sentences effectively in speaking and writing.

  • Ask out – to invite someone on a date
  • Go out with – to date someone, usually used at the beginning of a relationship
  • Settle down – to get married and lead a quieter life, maybe to buy a house and to have children
  • Make up – after an argument or disagreement, when you forgive each other and are friends again
  • Fall for – to start to be in love with someone
  • Split up / break up – to end a relationship, to separate
  • Look up to – to admire and respect someone
  • Put down – to criticize or belittle someone
  • Fall out – to have a serious argument or disagreement with someone
  • Get along with – to have a good relationship with someone
  • Get on with – to be able to deal with someone or something in a satisfactory way

Here are some examples of how these phrasal verbs can be used in sentences:

  • It’s been the global trend to ask someone out after they meet on social media.
  • Going out with someone is something that can be seen in any relationship.
  • I will settle down in the end of this year.

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