Phrasal verbs are ‘multi-word verbs’ in which one word is a verb while the other may be a preposition or adverb. And, today in this lesson, we are going to see 7 phrasal verbs starting with the verb PICK. Make sure to learn to improve your English Speaking.

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Phrasal verbs with PICK

Given below is the list of 7 Phrasal Verbs with PICK:

1. Pick out

Meaning: Choose; select

Example: Kelly’s grandmother especially liked her birthday card because Kelly had picked it out himself.

2. Pick up

Meaning: Lift; take-up

Example: Those books don’t belong on the floor. Will you help me pick them up?

3. Pick up

Meaning: Lift; take-up

Example: Of course we can go there together. What time should I pick you up?

4. Pick up

Meaning: Get; buy

Example: The children just drank the last of the milk. could you pick some more up on your way home this evening?

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5. Pick up

Meaning: Refresh; revitalize

Example: He was feeling a little tired, so he drank a glass of orange juice. It picked him up enough to finish his work.

6. Pick on

Meaning: Bully; intentionally try to make someone upset

Example: You should be ashamed of teasing your little brother, Tony! Pick on someone your own size.

7. Pitch in

Meaning: Help; join together to accomplish something

Example: We’ll be finished soon if everyone pitches in.

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