Phrasal verbs are ‘multi-word verbs’ in which one word is a verb while the other may be a preposition or adverb. And, today in this lesson, we are going to see 9 phrasal verbs starting with the verb PUT. Make sure to learn to improve your English Speaking.

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Phrasal verbs with PUT

Given below is the list of 9 Phrasal Verbs with PUT:

1. Put away

Meaning: Return something to the proper place

Example: I just took these clothes out of the dryer. Will you help me put them away?

2. Put off

Meaning: Postpone; delay; avoid

Example: I can’t put this work off any longer. If I don’t do it soon, it will be impossible to finish it in time.

3. Put on

Meaning: Begin to wear

Example: It’s a little bit chilly outside. You’d better put a sweater on.

4. Put on

Meaning: Try to make someone believe something that is ridiculous or untrue

Example: Don’t believe a word of what Nitin was saying. He is just putting us on.

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5. Put (someone) out

Meaning: inconvenience someone

Example: I hate to put you out, but I need a ride to the train station and hope you can take me.

6. Put up

Meaning: Return something to the proper place

Example: Your toys are all over the floor, Meena. Please put them up.

7. Put up

Meaning: Provide someone with a place to sleep

Example: There is no need for you to check into a hotel. I’ll be happy to put you up.

8. Put up with

Meaning: Tolerate

Example: It’s really important to come to work on time. The boss won’t put up with tardiness.

9. Put back

Meaning: Return something to the proper place

Example: I’ve finished with these books. Do you want me to put them back on the shelves?

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