Phrasal Verbs with TURN to Improve English Speaking

Phrasal verbs with turn to improve english speaking

Phrasal verbs are ‘multi-word verbs’ in which one word is a verb while the other may be a preposition or adverb. And, today in this lesson, we are going to see 14 phrasal verbs starting with the verb BREAK. Make sure to learn to improve your English Speaking.

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Phrasal verbs with TURN

Given below is the list of 9 Phrasal Verbs with BREAK:

1. Turn around

Meaning: move so that you are facing the opposite direction

Example: Everyone turned around and stared when I entered the meeting late.

2. Turn around

Meaning: move so that someone/something is facing the opposite direction

Example: I don’t want this chair facing the window. Will you help me turn it around?

3. Turn around

Meaning: make changes so that something that was unprofitable is profitable

Example: The company was doing poorly until it hired a new president. He turned it around in about six months and now it’s doing quite well.

4. Turn down

Meaning: decrease the volume

Example: Your music is giving me a headache! Please turn it down or use your headphone!

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5. Turn down

Meaning: Refuse

Example: I thought I could borrow some money from Joe, but when I asked, he turned me down.

6. Turn in

Meaning: Give/deliver/submit to someone

Example: I’ve written my report, but I haven’t turned it in.

7. Turn in

Meaning: Go to bed

Example: I’m pretty tired. I guess I’ll turn in.

8. Turn in

Meaning: Report or deliver wrongdoers to the authorities


Two days after the robbery, the thieves turned themselves in.

9. Turn off

Meaning: stop by turning a handle or switch


I’m cold. do you mind if I turn the air conditioner off?

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10. Turn off

Meaning: Bore; repel (very informal)


That music turns me off. Please play something else.

11. Turn on

Meaning: Start by turning a handle or switch


 It’s cold in here. I’m going to turn the heater on.

12. Turn on

Meaning: Interest very much; exile (very informal)


 What kind of music turns you on?

13. Turn up

Meaning: Increase the volume


 I can barely hear the TV. Can you turn it up a little?

14. Turn up

Meaning: Appear unexpectedly


 We were all surprised when Rani turned up at the party. We didn’t even know she was in town.

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