There are a number of preposition words that change the meaning of a phrase when used with a particular word. For example, you can use ‘DWELL’ with different prepositions, and you will get a different meaning every time. You can see the examples below:

1. Dwell upon

The meaning of Dwell upon is ‘to speak’

Example: The chairman dwelt upon the importance of truth and honesty.

2. Dwell in

‘Dwell in’ is before a country to live in.

Example: The French dwell in France.

3. Dwell at

‘Dwell at’ is used with a place.

Example: I will be dwelling at my friend’s home for a couple of weeks.

4. Dwell among

‘Dwell among’ is used with people.

Example: He has been dwelling among the tribal for the last two years.

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