This is the first lesson in the Pronunciation Series Hindi to English. And, you are gonna learn how to overcome pronunciation and spelling mistakes in English. Do watch the following video before you start reading the notes of this lesson.

Root Word: Pronunciation Hindi to English

If you face difficulties in learning the spelling of a particular word, and also, you find it difficult to pronounce the different words, you should start practicing words using root words.

‘-ack’ for example is a root word that you can use to form different words of the same sound in the end. With this, you can see that those words will end with the same set of letters and sounds.


You can see above that every word, in the end, ends with the same sound. And, this really makes one learn multiple words in the same root so easily. You can learn as many words as you want following the above rule. The plus point of the given idea is that you will never face difficulties in the pronunciation and spelling of any word.

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