A vocabulary of power gives you the ability to condense a highly involved thought into a single word. Taking this thing into consideration, we are going to share with you some useful adjectives that will give you power in both speaking and writing.

Useful Adjectives List

Below are 10 terms in the lesson “Adjectives Give You Power” with their meanings. Each of the following words has been supported by an additional meaning to make a strong appeal to your understanding. Learn, practice, and improve.

1. A plebian

  • Outlook on life

Common; coarse; vulgarly ordinary, mediocre, or commonplace

2. Obsequious

  • Attentions of the headwaiter

Overcourteous and servile in manner

3. A maudlin

  • Motion picture

Made foolish by liquor; tearfully affectionate or sentimental

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4. A perfunctory

  • Examination by a busy doctor who has very little time for you

Done mechanically and without interest; superficial and careless

5. An abortive

  • Attempt to gain his ends

Coming to naught; failing

6. A surreptitious

  • Moment on the part of the thief

By secret or stealthy means

7. A presumptuous

  • Question to put to the governor

Unduly confident or bold; audacious; arrogant; taking too much for granted

8. The sadistic

  • Treatment of the prisoner by ruthless guards

Inclined to cruelty; getting pleasure out of something

He’s maligning everyone.

9. A flagrant

  • Misuse of company funds

Openly, glaringly wrong, or scandalous

10. An inane

  • Remark

Senseless; silly; empty

Hope this will help when you while you are trying to add some advanced adjectives to your vocabulary.

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