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This is one of the important lessons in the Effective Vocabulary series. first, try to answer the below questions before we Talk About Actions.

What verb means to:

  • Belittle?
  • Be purposely confusing?
  • Tickle someone’s fancy?
  • Flatter fulsomely?
  • Prohibit some food or activity?
  • Make unnecessary?
  • Work against?
  • Spread slander?
  • Give implicit forgiveness for a misdead?
  • Change hostility to friendliness?

Know the answer? If not, keep reading to learn the terms about “How to Talk About Actions”

Talk About Various Science and Scientists

Below are 10 terms about how to talk about different practitioners and their respective fields. Each of the following words has been explained by an idea to make a strong appeal to your understanding. Learn, practice, and improve.

1. Disparage

  • Play down

Playing it down

They were disparaging Truman’s achievement.

2. Equivocate

  • Purposely talk in such a way as to be vague and misleading

Playing it safe

He was equivocating

3. Titillate

  • Tickle; stimulate pleasurably

Enjoying the little things

They titillate you.

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4. Adulate

  • flatter lavishly

Playing it way up

They adulate such celebrities.

5. Proscribe

  • prohibit

Accentuating the negative

The doctor is prescribing harmful items in your diet.

6. Obviate

  • Make unnecessary

Accentuating the affirmative

Your characteristics and temperament obviate such fears.

7. Militate

  • Work against

Playing it wrong

It militates against success.

8. Malign

  • Slander

Playing it dirty

He’s maligning everyone.

9. Condone

  • Forgive

Giving the benefit of any doubt

You condone them.

10. Placate

  • Change hostility to friendliness

Changing hostility

You try to placate him.

Hope this will help when you want to Talk About Actions

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