If you want to enhance your vocabulary and improve your communication skill in English, you need to learn a lot of words or expressions in the back up as a similar meaning for a word or phrase. For this reason, we are going to list different ways to say HELLO in this article.

30 ways to say HELLO

Here is the list of ”30 ways to say hello”

 1. What’s going on?
 2. It’s nice to meet you.
 3. What have you been up to?
 4. Look what the cat dragged in!
 5. Good morning sir, how are you?
 6. Look who it is!
 7. What’s up?
 8. How have you been?
 9. Good afternoon.
 10. Greeting and salutations!
 11. Great to see you
 12. How are you feeling today?
 13. Bonjour
 14. Howdy?
 15. Long time, no see
 16. Good to see you
 17. Greeting
 18. Stay safe
 19. Welcome
 20. Good evening
 21. Nice to see you again
 22. Hey boo
 23. How are things?
 24. Hi there
 25. How’s everything?
 26. What’s happening?
 27. What’s new?
 28. What’s the good word?
 29. How is it going?
 30. Nice to see you

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