Before this chapter “Some Typical Plural nouns”, we have discussed “Noun and its types‘ and “Gender of Nouns” and “Noun and Number.” You’d better read those two important lessons. Anyway, we’re going to see some special rules for Latin and Greek words whose plural forms are typical.

Some Typical Plural Nouns

There are a number of rules for changing Latinand Greek words’ to plural noun. Let’s see all one by one with examples.

Rule 1

Some Latin words having ‘um’ at the end, are singular. We replace ‘um’ with ‘a’ to make their plural.


Addendum – Addenda

Datum – Data

Ovum – Ova

Erratum – Errata

Agendum – Agenda

Dictum – Dicta

Memorandum – Memoranda

Stratum – Strata


‘Agenda’ and ‘Data’ are used as both singular nouns and plural nouns.


  1. The agenda has been finalised. (Singular Noun)
  2. The agenda of the meeting are drawn today. (Plural Noun)
  3. Te data is incomplete. (Singular Noun)
  4. More data are required. (Plural Noun)

Rule 2

There are some Latin words that end with ‘um.’ Such words take ‘s’ at the end for their plural form.


Asylum – Asylums

Museum – Museums

Premium – Premiums

Petroleum – Petroleums

Forum – Forums

Pendulum – Pendulums

Quorum – Quorums

Formulae – Formulae/ Formulaes

Note: The plural form of ‘Medium’ is ‘media’ when it is sued as a means or agency, but it is ‘mediums’ when used in spiritual sense.

Rule 3

Some Latin words have ‘us’ at the end. We replace that ‘us’ into ‘i’ to make plural form.


Radius – Radii

Locus – Loci

Syllabus – Syllabi

Genius – Geni

Rule 4

Some Greek words have ‘is’ at the end. We change that ‘is’ into ‘es’ to make their plural.


Analysis – Analyses

Crisis – Crises

Basis – Bases

Hypothesis – Hypotheses

Thesis – Theses

Paranthesis – Parantheses

Rule 5

Some Greek words have ‘on’ at the end. To make their plural form, we have to change ‘on’ into ‘a.’


Phenomenon – Phenomena

Criterion – Criteria

Rule 6

Other different types of Plural have been given below:

If – Ifs

I – I’s

5 – 5s

P – P’s

BA – BAs


But – Buts

T – T’s

10 – 10s

MP – MPs

MA – MAs


Rule 7

Meaning of some singlar nouns are different compared to their plural form. So, we should use them carefully.


Force (Power) – Forces (Army)

Ground (Land) – Grounds (Causes)

Advice (Suggestion) – Asvices (Information)

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