The lesson covers vocabulary appropriate to the A2 level, and some Advance to basic IELTS vocabulary words, that are very important for you if you are a beginner in IELTS preparation. There are 10 words 10n the lesson “IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning – Lesson 86.” Learn, practice, and improve to get a high band score.

IELTS Vocabulary Words with Meaning

Here is the list of 10 words that you can learn today:

1. Irrevocable


He said the decision was irrevocable.

2. Concord


His speech did nothing for racial concord.

3. Redundant


The illustration had too much redundant detail.

4. Conducive

Good for

 Daylight is highly conducive to good plant growth.

5. Rote


Learning was rote and strictly formal.

6. Diffident


 He was diffident about his own success.

7. Edible


Edible wild herbs kept us from dying of starvation.

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8. Integrity


We must respect each other’s territorial integrity.

9. Offence


The offense is the best defense.

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10. Denote


What does the word ‘curriculum’ denote that ‘course’ does not?

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