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This is one of the important lessons in the Effective Vocabulary series. first, try to answer the below questions before we How to flatter your friends?

What adjective aptly describe people who are:

  • Friendly and easy to get with?
  • Tireless?
  • Simple, frank, aboveboard?
  • Keen-minded?
  • Generous, noble, and forgiving?
  • Able to do many things skilfully?
  • Unflinching in the face of pain or disaster?
  • Brave, fearless?
  • Charming and witty?
  • Smooth, policed, cultured?

Know the answer? If not, keep reading to learn the terms about “How to flatter your friends.”

Flatter Your Friends

Below are 10 terms about flattering your friends and their respective fields. Each of the following words has been explained by an idea to make a strong appeal to your understanding. Learn, practice, and improve.

1. Convivial

  • Friendly

Put the kettle on, Polly

They are friendly, happy, extroverted, and gregarious – the sort of people who will invite you out for a drink, who like to transact business around the lunch table, who put the coffee to perking as soon as company drops in. They are sociable. genial, cordial, affable – and they like parties and all the eating and drinking that goes with them.


2. Indefatigable

  • Tireless

You can’t tire them

Arnold Bennett once pointed out that we all have the same amount of time – twenty-four hours a day. Strictly speaking, that’s as conclusive as an observation as Bennett ever made.


3. Ingenous

  • Frank

No tricks, no secrets

They are pleasing frank, utterly lacking in pretense or artificiality, in fact quite unable to hide their feelings or thoughts.


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4. Perspicacious

  • Keen-minded

Sharp as razor

They have minds like steel traps; their insight into problems that would confuse or mystify people of less keenness or discernment is just short of amazing.


5. Magnanimous

  • Noble

No placating necessary

They are most generous about forgiving a slight, an insult, and injury.


6. Versatile

  • Capable in many directions

One-person orchestras

The range of their aptitudes is truly formidable.


7. Stoical

  • Unflinching

No grumbling

They bear their troubles bravely, never ask for sympathy, never yield to sorrow, never wince at the pain. It almost sounds superhuman, but it’s true.


8. Intrepid

  • Fearless

No fear

There is not like the hackneyed phrase has it, a cowardly bone in their bodies.


9. Scintillating

  • Witty

No dullness

They are witty, clever, delightful; and naturally, also, they are brilliant and entertaining conversationalists.


10. Urbane

  • Polished, sophisticated

City slickers

They are cultivated, poised, tactful, socially so experienced, sophisticated, and courteous that they’re at home in any group, at ease under all circumstances of social intercourse.


Hope this will help when you want to flatter your friends.

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